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Guangzhou changfenglung hotel products Co., LTD is a star hotel bed products, disposable products as the leadership,

 the hotel's other products for supporting integrates design,

 development, production, sales in the integration of hotel products manufacturer. The company is located in

guangzhou baiyun district stone town well.

The company with professional technical team, strict management, advanced equipment to make "have LuoDiYa"

 brand. Products from select material to weaving, by singeing,

 desizing, bleaching, dyeing and mercerizing, etc all of the production process, the sewing cloth to finished product,

to each the craft keeps improving. "Be LuoDiYa" show passion

 is bold and unrestrained, special temperament, will the Oriental and western rthkmei of soft perfect match well,

and formed a "have LuoDiYa" transcendent individual character and

style, reveal the star hotel bed .

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